Healthy sleep is fundamental to our happiness and wellbeing We use evidence based methods to help you achieve this.

Founded in 2003, Sleep Unlimited Ltd are the largest company of sleep experts in the UK. We offer a ’one stop shop’ for all things sleep – our highly acclaimed education and assessment is available to everyone – from individuals to large organisations, children to adults and for any issue or sleep problem worldwide.

Our mission is to Teach the World to Sleep….

…headed by Clinical Director and Founder, Dr David Lee BSc PhD CertEd CPsychol AFBPsS CSci.

All of our services are evidence based – our R.E.S.T.® programme, which we use in our training, assessment and treatment, uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi), the NICE recommended guideline for treating a sleep disorder.

Our oximetry and apnealink testing for Sleep Apnoea (sleep disordered breathing) is run by a team of qualified physiologists headed by one of the few RPSGTs in the UK  (who has over 40 years’ experience working with sleep disorders).

We are proud to work with:

  • Both small and large organisations globally – training wellbeing teams and educating employees with bespoke in house training and web training services.
  • The Banking /Finance, Logistics, Utilities, Retail, Travel, Manufacturing and Insurance Sectors.
  • Over 5,000 healthcare professionals throughout the NHS, and in private practice.
  • Over 160 Case Management companies (and counting!) – helping clients with complex assessments and litigation.
  • Secondary and Tertiary Education and Charitable Sector Organisations – educating, keynote speeches and giving advice for vulnerable groups.
  • Our UK wide network of Clinical Psychologists who have received our R.E.S.T.® training and to whom we can make referrals.
  • All the individuals who come to us for assessment who have insomnia or Sleep Apnoea.

We offer our training and assessment services via 3 main groups Which group is yours?

Just Need help for Youself?

Personal Sleep

Whether you or a loved one are struggling with sleep, you have concerns about Sleep Apnoea (sleep disordered breathing), you have specific issues with work that you’d like to address such as shift working or you are a professional driver – we can help with assessment and advice.  We also run specialist assessments for elite sports men and women and run a successful executive sleep assessment service.

Are You a Health & Social Worker?

Health & Social Care Professionals and their patients/clients

Sleep Unlimited run highly acclaimed training across the UK using our R.E.S.T. programme®, which is a second generation Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi) – improved upon by our comprehensive assessment process.

We offer bespoke training for your team’s specific needs (eg. specialist OTs, neuro rehabilitation, forensic psychology, pain management etc.) or you can attend one of our ‘open’ courses held across the UK as a small team or individual.

Our actigraphic assessments are used for those with complex issues to further inform the treatment programme or for use in litigation – and our Sleep Physiology department use oximetry and apnealinks to test for Sleep Apnoea.

How Are Your Staff Sleeping?

​​Occupational ​

Sleep Unlimited Ltd have a range of workshops and full day training courses which can be tailor made to your wellbeing team or employees’ specific needs.

We also have training available on the web – making it easy to access your whole workforce at a time that’s convenient for them – and run online ‘Sleeptember’ events.

Onsite consultation is available to examine and discuss shift patterns.

We have full assessment and treatment services for executives, individuals who are struggling and we screen and test people for Sleep Apnoea (particularly professional drivers).

Open Courses

​Sleep Unlimited provide both foundation training in the principals of good sleep and advanced training in our second generation CBT for insomnia programme entitled R.E.S.T.®

These courses are run both online and across the UK and are open to small teams or individual health care professionals.

Please see our Course Calendar for further details of upcoming events or contact us at training@sleepunlimited.co.uk

Who are we?

Founded in 2003, Sleep Unlimited are now the largest company of sleep experts in the UK.

Our mission is to Teach the World to Sleep using our evidence-based, highly acclaimed training and assessment.

As a support to training and as a useful self-help tool, why not read Dr David Lee’s book ‘Teaching the World to Sleep’ (Routledge) available to buy on Amazon and through the publisher.

Charities we have worked with include:

We have worked with over 160 Case Management companies, and many other small and large corporate organisations, schools, universities and councils.

What our clients say about us…

‘I would not have had the awareness or mental strength to make changes had it not been for Dr Lee’s phone call in response to my email.  I return to work next week after being off with stress, anxiety and complete burnout.’

ThomasExecutive assessment

‘The biggest difference in my client’s cognitive function occurred when sleep assessment and advice was used to improve routine and time rehab interventions.’

MarjoryCase Manager - actigraphy assessment for a client

‘The change to my wellbeing because of sleep routines and quality sleep is nothing short of remarkable.’

OlufemiiSleep assessment

‘Sincere thanks for helping me get my life back!’

JaniceiSleep assessment

‘Extraordinary, excellent training that I would recommend to everyone.’

BarbaraCase manager and open course delegate

‘The most important training you can receive in your career in mental health.’

ElleBPS delegate

‘You had the most comments I have ever seen any trainer receive and they were all positive!’

IreneOccupational Health Lead - County Council

‘Really enjoyable and valuable training which I know I’ll be able to incorporate into my work with clients and will be very beneficial.’

JaneClinical Psychologist