uSleep is our service division for professionals who work with people who suffer from insomnia and sleep problems. In this section you can find out more about the services we offer to help you understand sleep and offer effective treatment

Lack of sleep clearly has profound effects on our clients and their families, while significantly reducing their responsiveness to therapeutic interventions.
Psychobehavioural and CBT approaches have proven efficacy in providing enduring relief from the debilitating symptoms of insomnia.

Regrettably however, there is still a notable lack of training for the healthcare professional with regard to these psychobehavioural treatment strategies, with many prescribers still resorting to sleep-medication that presents concomitant issues of tolerance, dependency and other side effects

Sleep unlimited provide in-depth assessment and treatment for clients with more complex needs including those with an acquired brain injury.

We also  support health and social care professionals by offering both foundation and advanced training, providing evidence-based information, insight and tools which will deepen knowledge and understanding of this often-neglected area of clinical practice.

This has impact across clinical groups and clients of all ages.

How Can We Actually Help?

In-depth assessment treatment and reports

Where sleep issues are part of a complex picture of disability, pain or other long term conditions in-depth actigraphic assessment provides an objective picture of activity, sleep, rest and fatigue as well as information about care routines, in addition to our basic assessment.
Actigraphy is a non-invasive method of monitoring rest and activity cycles over time. A highly sensitive actigraphic device is worn on the wrist and measures gross motor activity over specified assessment periods (from 2 weeks to 2 months) so that we can identify significant patterns to inform your comprehensive treatment programme.

The actigraphic device continually records even the smallest movements made. These devices have a proven track record for use with vulnerable groups. They are lightweight, unobtrusive, discreet and very well tolerated by both adults and children.
Specialised software accurately determines the amount of sleep, wakefulness and activity over both night and day. Analysis of the data obtained is interpreted by our sleep psychologist to examine sleep and wakefulness patterns as well as levels of movement and patterns of activity.
A comprehensive report with recommendations is provided by our sleep psychologist, with input from other MDT members where appropriate. The initial findings can act as a baseline for comparison with further actigraphic assessments following intervention.

Based on assessment results interventions can include:

  • CBT for insomnia
  • Good Sleep Pratices
  • Sleep Restriction Therapy
  • Night and day behavioural management
  • Pacing of activity
  • Collaboration with family and professional carers
  • Advice and support to the MDT
  • Follow-up support and repeat assessments available to monitor progress.

Professional Training

Our foundation and advanced professional training has relevance for medical doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, clinical psychologists, neuropsychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists, speech and language therapists, care managers, case managers and others who are interested understanding the impact of sleep problems on the patients/clients they work with and how to assess and manage these to improve sleep, fatigue and performance. The programme includes:

  • Introduction to sleep
  • The purpose of sleep
  • Normal sleep across age groups
  • Sleep architecture
  • Types of insomnia – how to recognise and classify sleep problems
  • Sleep problems with long term conditions, chronic pain,
  • Depression, anxiety and other co-morbidities
  • Recognising and assessing issues with sleep
  • Benefits and issues of pharmacological treatments
  • Impact of good sleep hygiene
  • Non-pharmacological treatments and approaches

We offer this training as an open course at various locations across the UK (see our Course Calendar) for individuals and small teams to attend – but can also make it bespoke for your team’s speciality / clients’ specific needs and come to you to deliver the foundation or two day course.

Testing for Sleep Apnoea

Our ‘apnealinks’ are worn at home, for one night. Our respiratory medicine team conduct oximetry assessments for people who have suspected sleep apnoea.

If you would like to know more about Sleep Apnoea, how to screen someone, and our Sleep Apnoea testing service – then please contact us or see our News page for more information.

Charities we have worked with include:

We have worked with over 100 Case Management companies, and many other small and large corporate organisations, schools, universities and councils.

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What our clients say about us…

‘The passion and knowledge of the presenter really added to the day and experience…’

DavidSocial Worker

‘A really enjoyable and valuable training which I know I’ll be able to incorporate into my work with clients and will be very beneficial.’

Jane Clinical Psychologist

‘I feel there is so much we can immediately take away and use with our client group.’

JamesForensic Psychologist

‘The most important training you can receive in your career in mental health.’

ElleBPS delegate

100% of attendees of our open courses agreed that the training met their personal expectations and that the training will be useful for their professional practice

‘Extraordinary, excellent training that I would recommend to everyone.’

BarbaraCase Manager

‘The best CPD event I have been on.  The content was excellent and brilliantly delivered, thank you!’


‘A very good experience from which I have learned a lot which will be useful personally and professionally.’


‘Very useful techniques relating to behavioural intervention – excellent teaching – group participation encouraged.’


‘Highly relevant, very well structured, excellent quality of teaching, good sense of humour – lots of practical examples.’

HazelOccupational Therapist