weSleep is Sleep Unlimited’s organisational services division, working within businesses, health & social care and third sector organisations. We provide training, sleep assessment & treatment for employees and consultation services.

We all know how it feels to come to work after a night or two of poor sleep. We can feel tired, anxious, we may be less patient and more irritable or begin to feel depressed. For many of us normality returns after a good night’s sleep and we feel ‘back to our old selves’. However, for an increasing number of people, sleep problems and insomnia have become a chronic issue and as most of us spend a great deal of our time at work, the consequences for employees, employers and society in general, are substantial.
Employees who regularly experience poor sleep can suffer a range of negative consequences including:

  • Poor attention and concentration
  • Slower reaction time
  • Fluctuations in mood
  • Poor decision-making
  • Memory difficulties
  • Problems with relationships
  • Compromised physical and psychological wellbeing

The personal, social and financial consequences of insomnia and sleep problems are serious. From mild discomfort, to billions of lost working hours (and so money), and huge industrial accidents with major consequences to people, economies and the environment.

The smaller, subtler impact of mild to moderate tiredness and fatigue on the population is much more difficult to measure, but estimates are massive. In the
US, where there have been detailed investigations conducted into the cost of insomnia on society, studies indicate direct cost-estimates of $14 billion annually, rising to $100 billion for indirect costs (including workrelated accidents and lost productivity). These were estimates from early in this second millennium (Sivertsen & Nordhus, 2007).

A common influence on poor sleep, but experienced by many people, is the impact of shift-work. Shiftworking is implicated in the reduced quality of life and the increased morbidity and mortality of this group.

Many organisations are behind the curve in respect to their shift-working employees and in understanding the impact of poor sleep generally. However there are ways to tackle insomnia and sleep problems, and organisations can help to promote a happier, healthier workforce who make better decisions, communicate more effectively, build, and lead stronger and more resilient teams.

How Can We Actually Help?

Online Sleep Assessments for Employees

Sleep Unlimited provide sleep assessment and treatment services for employees who experience sleep problems and insomnia. Organisations can obtain their chosen number of assessments to be used over a 12 month period. Additional assessments can be provided on an ad hoc basis. The assessment process is as follows:

  • An employee is referred to us by their Occupational Health Department, Line Manager or HR Department.
  • The employee is provided with a code to access our website where they are asked to complete a comprehensive online assessment.
  • During the assessment we will gather all the necessary information about the employee’s sleep, daily/weekly routine, any medication taken and the impact their sleep issues have their life and activities. The assessment takes around 35 minutes to complete and any information provided is treated in the strictest confidence.
  • Once the online assessment has been completed a member of our clinical team will analyse the findings from their assessment to pinpoint the problem areas. We will then provide the employee with an iSleep workbook, which will include a short report detailing our findings, relevant advice and  information and a tailored sleep prescription. The report will also contain any recommendations we have which may include: Guidance on seeking medical advice (in the event that an underlying health condition is suspected) and sources of further information.
  • Follow up is completed by a member of our clinical team 2-3 weeks following the provision of the iSleep workbook and feedback is obtained from the employee regarding their progress.
  • The referring employer is then provided with a report detailing the client’s self-reported outcomes. In the event that any further treatment is recommended we will outline this in a letter to the employee

Training Programmes for Business

Sleep Unlimited provide training and workshops for organisations who wish to promote good health and wellbeing amongst their workforce. This specialist training includes:

Employee Sleep Workshops:
These workshops follow our R.E.S.T. programme, providing delegates with all the support they need to understand and improve their sleep. We tailor make the workshops to your organisation’s specific needs. Delegates are encouraged to participate in a number of group exercises and are provided with a sleep tips to help them to generalise their learning and carry forward the skills they have learned into their own lives.

Web Training:                                                                                                                                              Our full training programme is available as short web based films.  These can be cherry picked for your organisation and are hosted by us on a dedicated web page, where we collect feedback.  Cost effective for small organisations. Useful for large organisations to access all their employees or where employees are working across a number of different sites and shifts.  We also host Sleeptember – an advent calendar style event with film clips and downloadable pdfs every working day for the month of September.

Occupational Health Sleep Training:
Our R.E.S.T. training programme is available for your Occupational Health and Wellbeing team. Foundation day and two day courses are available. The Advanced Training will focus upon a stepped-care CBTi approach with specific attention on employees who present with more complex conditions – for example shift workers and drivers. This is an interactive session where delegates can bring their own cases for consideration within the treatment model.

Testing for Sleep Apnoea

Certain groups of people – for example professional drivers – are at an increased risk of Sleep Apnoea (sleep disordered breathing).  If you would like more information on what this is and how to screen for it, then please see our News page for more detail.

We use non invasive equipment – ‘apnealinks’ – to assess a client for Sleep Apnoea. A finger sensor connects with a wrist-worn device which records blood oxygen levels and pulse rates, along with a chest belt to measure effort and a nasal canula which records breathing/snoring.

The devices are worn at home, for one night. Our respiratory medicine team conduct assessments for people who have suspected Sleep Apnoea and will return results within two weeks of an assessment being carried out.  One of our fully qualified doctors goes through the findings with the individual and makes recommendations, supporting that person with onwards referrals.

If you would like further information on our Sleep Apnoea testing service, please email us at info@sleepunlimited.co.uk or call 0191 580 0008

Charities we have worked with include:

We have worked with over 100 Case Management companies, and many other small and large corporate organisations, schools, universities and councils.

Need some help? Drop us an email at info@sleepunlimited.co.uk and we’ll get you sleeping in no time

What our clients say about us…

‘You’ve had the most comments I have ever seen any trainer receive – and all of it was positive!’

IreneOccupational Health Lead - County Council

‘Excellently presented and inspirational.’

Jane CEO

‘An excellent training experience with lots of practical strategies.’


‘Really engaging presentation with real examples and good balance of theory and practice.’


‘Very interesting training – lots of great information and well presented, thank you!’

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‘A good base between evidence-based research and real, practical strategies to trial.’

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‘Really engaging and enthusiastic.’

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‘Lots to think about – all relevant.’

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‘I have really enjoyed the training and learnt so much, thank you!’

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