We offer our assessment services to 3 main groups
Which group are you in?

Just Need help for Youself?

Personal Sleep

If you are worried about your own sleep or that of a loved one, Sleep Unlimited can help with an online iSleep assessment.  Our clinical team analyse the data you send to us to write a thorough report and plan which you then discuss with one of our sleep doctors.

While many of our clients are able to effectively improve their sleep with the right support and advice provided via their personalised iSleep Workbook, some clients with more complex and deep rooted problems may require further specialist treatment, which we can provide.

Are You a Health & Social Worker?

Assessment for clients/patients

Our actigraphic assessments offer a two week study of activity and sleep which will further inform the treatment programme.

Our assessments have been used in court to provide evidence of sleep and expert testimony.

If Sleep Apnoea (sleep disordered breathing) is indicated, we use overnight oximetry in the person’s home and have results back within two weeks.

How Are Your Staff Sleeping?

​​Occupational ​

If your employees are struggling with sleep we offer online assessments to help with insomnia.

We run a successful executive sleep assessment service where we objectively measure sleep and can study complex effects on individuals (including jetlag).

For professional drivers, who are an at risk group for Sleep Apnoea (sleep disordered breathing) we offer screening and overnight Oximetry assessments.  This is carried out in the person’s home and results are returned within two weeks.

What our clients say about us…

‘The change to my wellbeing because of sleep routines and quality sleep is nothing short of remarkable.’

OlufemiiSleep assessment

‘Sincere thanks for helping me get my life back!’

JaniceiSleep assessment

‘I have recommended a number of friends and have an improved quality of life.’

RossiSleep assessment

‘The Sleep Unlimited information and assessment have changed my life – literally.’

EloiseiSleep assessment

‘I would not have had the awareness or mental strength to make changes had it not been for Dr Lee’s phone call in response to my email – I return to work next week after being off with stress, anxiety and complete burnout.’

ThomasExecutive assessment

‘The biggest difference in my client’s cognitive functions occurred when sleep assessment and advice was used to improve routine and time rehab interventions.’

MarjoryActigraphic assessment for a client

‘The reports are easy to understand and help get the entire team on board.’

KirstenActigraphic assessment for a client