Oximetry Assessments

By Dr David Lee | BSc PhD CertEd AFBPsS CPsychol CSci | Clinical Director at Sleep Unlimited Ltd.

Sleep Unlimited offer oximetry assessments for people with suspected sleep disordered breathing – otherwise known as Sleep Apnoea.  (You will find more information on what this is in our article ‘Sleep disordered breathing’ in our News page.)

Oximetry assessments of individuals offer an opportunity to examine the levels of oxygen in the blood of participants and provide a clinically reliable indication as to whether they experience sleep disordered breathing, and to what extent (i.e. how severe this might be). Oximetry has the benefit of collecting data unobtrusively and over long periods of time, this can reveal important information to further inform any recommended treatment programme.

Oximetry is a non-invasive method of monitoring blood oxygen saturation over time. A small (pack of cards sized) oximetry device is worn by a patient on their wrist, with a lead and soft silicone finger probe attached. The device and finger probe are very sensitive and they continually record changes in blood oxygen levels over time. The data can be converted into a score of how much oxygen is present in the blood and also this can be expressed in a graphical representation.

The data can then be used to inform the correct form of treatment for the participant, or to indicate where further assessment may be required.

Read More:

Lee DR. 2017. Teaching The World to Sleep: Psychological and Behavioural Assessment and Treatment Strategies for People with Sleeping Problems and Insomnia. Karnac, London.

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